We have a proven reputation for quality - producing hand-finished packaging mockups and prototypes for internal review, market research, photography or trade samples.



The tactile and visual effects of embossing and debossing are a significant feature of packaging finishing.

We also offer micro embossing and debossing that allow a design to be cut to multiple levels or smooth blends like a printed vignette.

Our in-house team of skilled and experienced operators use traditional methods combined with specialist machinery.

We can ensure that every packaging proof that leaves us is embossed and debossed to the highest standard with a level of accuracy that is second to none. Find out more about our embossing and debossing.


We offer flatbed digital cutting and creasing for larger products, smaller runs or one off bespoke pieces.

For longer runs, we can offer traditional wood and metal die cutting.


Hot foil is sometimes known as foil blocking or hot foil stamping and utilises heat and pressure to add that all-important premium finishing touch.

Our decades of experience ensures that we can apply foil effects onto a wide variety of substrates.

Available in many colours, effects and finishes, Dagwood can provide a foil for any project. Find out more about our hot foiling


We can add metallic detailing to any design with cold foil, a simple and cost effective solution.

Once applied, cold foil can be overprinted in precise fit with offset litho inks to achieve maximum effect.

Unlike hot foil, cold foil can be solid or tonal to vary the effect. Find out more about our cold foiling


Shrink sleeves or shrink wraps provide a premium finish to your product that can differentiate your product from the crowd. 

Our specialists can produce fully sleeved mock ups on bottles, cans, aerosols, tins and containers.

We carry out pre-print distortion tests, check bar-codes and can produce faultless seams.

Shrink sleeves are applied by our experts in our professional shrink cabinet for consistent results with trickier shapes and higher volumes.

Find out more about our shrink sleeves


Dagwood cardboard engineering mock up


Dagwood are the premier London mockup agency, specialising in high quality 3D packaging mockups that help you realise your project in a tangible form. 

We can both print and create production standard mockup packaging - it could be your new designs, experimental concepts, prototypes or special editions and could be used for photography, market research, internal review or as trade samples.

Every step of our packaging mock-up process is carried out in-house where our expert team hand-finish to guarantee quality.


We can bring your projects to life in 3-dimensional cardboard mock-ups, from prototype concepts and samples to finished cutter guides.

We produce premium packaging gift boxes, box sleeves, magnetic-seals and presentation cases for cosmetics, spirits, tobacco and other high value goods

Our packaging specialists offer real, in-depth expertise and a high degree of flexibility in cardboard engineering.