Dagwood Associates have specialised in artwork and printing for packaging of all types since 1969.

We have extensive experience of 3D printed packaging, proofing and all aspects of make-up and finishing. We work closely with our clients from original concept, presentation visuals and highly finished mock-ups to production of the finished product.

Our reputation for producing consistently high quality means that we work with blue chip clients on a wide range of high profile brand developments. 


Dagwood has an experienced artwork studio with specialism in embossingde-bossingfoil-blocking and a wide range of mock-up packaging requirements. For larger scale projects, our proofing and printing unit has seven litho proofing presses, silkscreen printing and digital proofing facilities, and is where we can accommodate larger scale foil-blocking and make-up. 

Our two London workplaces are designed to offer both our staff and clients a comfortable working environment for detailed proof checking and project supervision.