A mock-up is a 3D model of the packaging design and is really the best way of bringing design ideas to life.  

packaging mock-ups, dagwood, london, uk


A packaging mock-up is a cost effective tool that allows a brand owner, agency or designer the ability to see a sample of their packaging early in development.

These ‘packaging prototypes’ are an opportunity to test design ideas and get packaging concepts right before the product goes into production.

A client may require packaging mockups for internal design reviews, customer research, sales samples and trade shows or for accurate colour and benchmark proofing.

In addition, both scale or actual size mockups can be needed for for photography (often known as ‘beauty packs’).

Sometimes a product doesn’t feel real until you can hold it in your hands!

packaging mockups, dagwood, london, uk


Dagwood are the UK’s leading mockup agency with 50 years experience in producing producing a wide range of hand finished, high quality 3D packaging mockups.

We can use offset litho printing or digital printing for colour accurate proofs of your designs.

We can utilise our in-line cold foil unit and silk screen printing allows us to then add matt, gloss and textured varnishes.

Our skilled technicians can then provide a huge range of finishing services including embossing, debossing, hot foiling, die cutting, cutting and creasing, shrink wrapping and cardboard engineering before make up.

Our in-house studio facilities means that we can accurately produce your bottles, labels, cartons, tubes, boxes, cans, cartons and much more…



Dagwood can deliver all your printing and packaging mock-up requirements and advise you on the best solutions for your project. We are always happy to talk so please do not hesitate to contact us