Perfect shrink sleeves every time!

Ever wondered how we manage to fit our shrink sleeves so professionally over even the trickiest of shapes? Well sleeves are applied by experts in our professional shrink cabinet at Dagwood’s London studio.

Your designs are reverse printed onto a special substrate and if desired, we can then apply satin or matt treatments to the front facing surface.

After carrying out pre-print distortion tests and checking bar-codes, we use a solvent based glue along with our sleeve maker to ensure that the final seams are of a production standard.

The process ensures that we always get consistent results, especially with trickier shapes and higher volumes.

For our clients, shrink sleeves are a clever and cost effective method of mocking up your designs onto cans, aerosols, bottles, tubes, containers and tins for photography, trade samples or market research.

Dagwood specialise in the printing and creation of low volume, production standard mockup packaging. We’d love to discuss your next project so please get in touch here: