Remember Letraset?

Dagwood are celebrating our 50th year producing packaging print and mockups and are continuing our look back at some of the essential pre digital tools when each letter had to be literally positioned and transferred by hand!

Letraset was the brand name for the original dry-transfer lettering product and was used extensively in our studio during the 70s and early 80s. It consisted of an alphabet of letters screen printed onto a translucent, adhesive film. By carefully rubbing on the front of the sheet with something blunt you could ‘transfer’ the letter onto your chosen surface. Sheets of letters in different typefaces or fonts, sizes and even colours were carefully stored in a special cabinet in the corner of our studio.

Positioning and centring letters and words is now just a couple of clicks of the mouse but in the days of Letraset it involved stressful calculations, working copy out from the centre, accounting how much wider an ‘a’ was than an ‘i’ and hoping you didn’t run out of letters before the end of the project!

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